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Moda Seating: A Company Built on Integrity

Collaborating with restaurant owners to simplify their seating search

About Our Company

Moda Seating wasn’t built for us. It was built for people like David.

For years, David struggled with finding the right seating for his restaurant, but always seemed to come up short. Multiple bad experiences with online furniture companies left him feeling discouraged. 

Some stores featured chairs that all looked the same with no way to know which ones would work best for his restaurant. When he shopped with one business, the chairs arrived looking different in person than on the website. Ultimately, finding the right chairs at the right price just seemed impossible.

Meanwhile, his current chairs were falling apart—torn cushions, rickety legs, and a shortage of seats that left long lines of customers waiting for tables. 

Worst of all, he faced the constant fear that with poor seating, customers would complain about their lack of comfort—or worse, give the restaurant bad reviews. He needed to get this done, and time was running out.

Then, David got wind of Moda Seating and discovered that with us, finding the perfect chair is simple.

With Moda’s wide selection of seating, dedicated customer service, guarantee policy, and low wholesale prices, he was able to furnish his restaurant with the right look for the comfort and enjoyment of patrons, all without breaking the bank. And his customers love it.

These are the stories Moda Seating is all about—and we want your restaurant to be one of them.

About Our Founder

For Joel Strulovitch, restaurant furniture is a family affair. Moda Seating began on the streets of the Bowery in New York as Manhattan Chairs in 2008. Founded by Joel’s father, the chairs arrived from Europe and were assembled in the U.S. Joel shared his family’s passion for selling uniquely crafted chairs with sound structure, support, and high quality.

As the internet became a bigger part of people’s lives, though, things changed. Online stores gradually became more popular and convenient than physical locations. As a result, Joel quickly realized that if they were going to stay competitive, they would have to move their business online. 

Facing the challenge of how to market online in an industry that thrives on selling a physical product, Joel rose to the occasion. In 2014, the company reopened online as Moda Seating, and with its new online store, its sales and inventory quickly grew.

While Moda Seating has changed a great deal over the past 10 years, Joel’s mission hasn’t changed, and neither has ours. We are committed to helping you find the perfect chair for your restaurant—guaranteed. 

We do business with honesty and integrity. We stick to what we say and won’t deliver a product that is less than what we say it will be.

Simply put, we want our customers to succeed. By partnering with us, 1000s of restaurants have done just that. We want to see you get there, too.