Bentwood Bar Stools

Bentwood bar stools are so named for the way the stool is made. Bentwood is a popular style that results from the wood actually being bent after a process of steaming or soaking. This technique allows for hard wood to be bent into curved shapes and patterns that couldn’t be attained otherwise. Bentwood has been around for centuries as a furniture making process and to this day the classic and unique style is sought out by restaurant, bar and café owners. At Moda Seating we offer a terrific selection of Bentwood bar stools that will give your patrons a classy and elegant seating option.

One of our more popular Bentwood models is the classic Bentwood hairpin bar stool that features a unique curved back and be ordered in a number of classic frame finishes including black, dark mahogany and walnut. Choose either padded seats, veneer seats or upholstered seats with nail heads to match your existing décor. This bar stool can be ordered with your choice of vinyl or fabric upholstering featuring great colors including aqua green, dark cherry, royal blue and white. Hairpin Bentwood bar stools are ideal for cafes and are lightweight which makes it easy to move the stools when you want to rearrange your room seating. The Bentwood backless wood bar stool is another popular classic model that features an all-wood frame and the option for a padded, veneer or upholstered seat

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